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Account activation
Opening Page
Choosing a AUP

Account Activation

Each CPA firm is treated as a single ‘user’ with the username tied to an email address. Since a firm could have multiple auditors working on multiple AUP’s for LHA’s in their portfolio, it is recommended that this username and password be shared by members within a CPA firm.

Step 1: DHCD Admin registers a CPA firm’s details which include the email id for username

Step 2: The system generates and sends an email with subject “Agreed Upon Procedures” to the CPA firm email id with a link to activate the account.

Step 3: The user uses the link and creates a password thereby activating the account. This activation needs to be done within 72 hours of receiving the link, after which the link expires.

If this 72 hour window for activation is missed, contact DHCD admin and the link will be re-sent.

If this login information needs to be updated at any point, contact the DHCD Admin and a new link will be created for activating the new account.


On the AUP home page enter the username (email address) and the password that you created while activating the account.

Opening Page

Once you are logged in you may choose to do any of the following:

  1. You may use the dropdown to select the LHA from your portfolio that you wish to work on and the year in the dropdowns, FYE is already reflected.
  2. You may change your password if needed by clicking the username on the top right.
  3. You may click the Contact link to view the Contact email id and phone number in case of any questions or issues.
  4. You may click the Help link to access the help guides.
  5. You may view your notifications by clicking the Bell symbol to see the AUPs that you have submitted or AUPs received from either LHA or DHCD.


The bell icon on the top right shows notifications of messages received. A message shows up in the ‘Received Messages’ each time an LHA responds to an AUP and submits it back to the auditor. Similarly, all AUP’s sent to LHA’s generate a message in the ‘Sent Messages’.

Also, when the auditor submits an AUP to DHCD, a message is generated to let DHCD users know that their AUP has been submitted – with or without follow-up (i.e. with or without exceptions). This will appear under the ‘Sent Messages’.

The bell icon continues to show the number of notifications, until the message is ‘Marked as Read’

Choosing an AUP

To view an AUP, on selecting the LHA FYE, the current ‘Status’ of that AUP will be displayed as-

  • Not started – if the Auditor has not started data entry on that AUP (LHA user will not be able to open or view the form)
  • With Auditor – if the Auditor has started and is still in progress with that AUP (LHA user will be able to open and view a blank form)
  • Submitted to LHA – If the Auditor has completed the review and submitted to LHA for comments
  • With Auditor (LHA Responded) – If LHA has responded to all exceptions submitted by the Auditor and submitted back to Auditor
  • With DHCD – If the auditor has submitted to DHCD for review and is yet to complete reviewed by DHCD (This status may be suffixed with any of the following depending on what stage the AUP is in on the DHCD side- Complete- No Follow-up, Follow-up, Management Review)
  • Reverted to Auditor – If DHCD has reverted the AUP back to auditor
  • With DHCD- Reviewed – if the AUP has been reviewed by DHCD and ready for publishing

Clicking the Continue button would take the user to the AUP form for that LHA FYE.